Monday, July 27, 2009

Principal Photography Completed! Five Days to Go!

We began principal photography for this production on Friday, May 18th, 2007. Yesterday morning at 8:15, over two years later, Jeff Rosenbluth and I filmed the very last shot of "continue". It's amazing to think that everything is coming to an end. That said there is still so much to do.

Jeff filmed from the back of my car and we managed to capture the footage in less than 20 minutes. It was a beautiful morning and we chose to shoot on Saltair Drive. The same secluded road that we shot handcycling test footage on back in 2003. What a fitting bookends.

Tyler spent the weekend assisting me with the "Call of the Wild" and "Team Sports" sequences. The team sports sequence, which consists of basketball, rugby and sledge hockey, took an entire day to complete. Not to mention the countless hours spent agonizing over how to assemble the two minute and 30 second sequence. Tyler is an asset because he's very good at recognizing shots and cuts that don't work. He can also assist in helping me break through walls once I hit them. And I've hit them often.

Filming team sports was difficult because there are so many factors at work. First, you have multiple players doing different things from shot to shot. Rarely is there any consistency in action. Second, there were many stand alone shots that looked amazing. However, connected to other shots, the stand alone shots just don't work. Finally, selecting the best of the best was extremely difficult.

Jeff and I spent the entire day trimming sequences, adding the adaptive gaming sequence and editing climbing and surfing. Today, we will finish polishing the edits and prepare the footage for color correction. All color and titles will be added over the next three days.

Now I'd like to talk about food. During marathon editing sessions (18 hours or more) it's important to maintain a good diet regimen. Early in my career I discovered that certain foods and food combinations could be detrimental to the editor's body. The following foods should never be consumed in conjunction with one another.

Sushi has always been a staple dietary supplement during editing. Back in college, my instructor and friend (now assistant editor) Tyler, used to make sushi for the long nights of cutting. I highly recommend nigiri. Basically anything that won't make you feel like crap.

Eat wise, eat healthy, edit well.

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