Friday, May 14, 2010

Movie Night at Jordan Commons

On Wednesday, May 12th, Jordan Commons Megaplex Theater hosted a fundraising dinner and movie night to bennefit Neuroworx. Neuroworx is a local physical therapy clinic dedicated to providing groundbreaking, activity-based therapy to individuals with paralysis from spinal cord injuries and disease. All proceeds from the screening went to Neuroworx.

For me, it was an honor having "Continue" selected as one of the films for the event. Alongside "The Men", a classic film featuring Marlon Brando in his first film role.

Prior to the film, guests had the option of purchasing an affordable pasta dinner. A ticket purchase also came with free treats.

It was a wonderful evening and the turnout was fantastic. Seeing "Continue" projected in a legitimate movie theater was also alot of fun. Although, it would have been nice to consult the projectionist beforehand. He/She accidentally projected both "The Men" and "Continue" in the wrong aspect ratios. "The Men" was projected at 1:85:1 instead of 1:33:1 and "Continue" was projected at 2:35:1 rather than 1:85:1. This gave both films and overly "stretched" look. Regardless, both films looked great on the big screen. And what an honor to be a part of such a great organization and it's fundraising efforts.