Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Year Later: DVDs, Publicity and Social Networking!

DVD Transport

DVD Loading
This past year has been a very slow and patient crawl towards finishing the DVDs. Many have asked where their copy is and, unfortunately, all I could do was say "be patient, it's coming. For now just watch the online version." Now we have the DVDs and are currently sending them to rehab centers across the country. Next, the discs will go out to all of those who donated their time to participate in the production. The remaining discs will be selectively distributed. As far as producing more DVDs, that's a bit tricky. We only have enough funds to produce a finite number of discs. Once those discs are gone... they're gone. Sort of like Disney's movies: "Get them before they disappear!" Of course Disney always brings them back. We don't have that option. At least not right now. And we never wanted or want to turn this film into a money making venture. So, now we're going back to the drawing board to determine if we can provide made to order DVDs, at cost. Ideally, we want people to be able to go to a site, order a copy of the film and have it produced and delivered all at a very low cost. Until that happens, be patient... and please watch the FREE online version here. Option B: Order copies by calling: 801-581-2334 or sending an email:

Speaking of the online version, we've now passed the 5000 views mark. Which is fairly good. Not as good as the Star Wars kid video, but good nevertheless. It should also be noted that only 26 people "like" our film, according to Vimeo. This is great news. My expectations have been exceeded! The online version is also presented in HD, so if you have a good internet connection, you'll be able to see every blemish and pore on the faces of the film's stars.

In other news, "Continue" has been getting some great coverage in several magazines, Including PN (Paraplegia News) and S'NS (Sports 'N Spokes). The Canadian publication Abilities featured a fantastic two-page, center spread review of the film... my first experience being a centerfold. 

Finally, you can now "like" our film on the official "Continue" Facebook page (pictured below). The page will offer updates on the film and even give you the chance to start a healthy "liking" competition between Facebook's "Continue" page and Vimeo's. "I'll see your 26 and raise ya!"

Okay, I think that about covers it for this post. Sorry it's taken nearly a year to update. Coming up next: A new project?