Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Hills Are Alive...

I have just finished acquiring the final pieces of music for "Continue". No easy task to be sure. I think music is one of the most difficult components to any good production. Difficult to acquire and extremely difficult to find a sound that will compliment the images. I also firmly believe that a production's soundtrack is just as important, if not more so, than the visual content and editing. Think about some of the greatest films in the history cinema: Lawrence of Arabia, Psycho, Jaws... These films all have a very distinct and very powerful score. One that immediately conjurs images of sharks, men dressed as their moms and sweeping desert landscapes.

Continue is now in the final stretch of its seven year journey. On July 31st, my producer, Jeff Rosenbluth and I will fly to Washington D.C. to present the finished project. I'm currently scrambling to finish the film by its new deadline. This involves adding music, assembling all of the individual sequences and cleaning up some temporary edits. Can I finish? Will I finish? Will it be good? Part of me feels like there's no way to truly make the video I originally set out to make. Another part of me feels that the project will be strong enough to roll on its own. In any case, it's the ultimate gamble.

Come July 31st, all will be revealed and the viewer can decide for themselves. So, for the next three-plus weeks, I will most likely disappear. I have a good feeling about "continue". I'm also ready to move on to the next project. So... I'll keep you updated in the weeks to follow.