Thursday, October 11, 2007

T9-10 Productions, LLC

Today marks the official start of my new production company, dedicated to providing a new level of vision. Ideally, I'd like to create media that focuses on disability culture and awareness. Sounds crazy right? Well, that's what they said to Thomas Edison and he seemes to be doing just fine. Okay, maybe fine isn't the right word, I mean after all he is dead. But for a while he did pretty well.

I'm currently in the process of designing the "look" of T9-10. A website is on the way, as is hoodies, baby tees, childrens books, posters, action figures and animal by-products. Very exciting indeed!


Gustogirl said...

Congrats on the start of your production company! Are you reading any of these comments?

Gustogirl said...

Ok, I was just scrolling down through some of your old posts and I didn't realize I had already asked you that question and I didn't realize you had already responded. Your shots of Utah, make me miss it!! I was just talking to my sister and telling her that I wish I could move back someday.