Friday, October 05, 2007

Cinderella Story

To say that the golf shoot has been hard would be the understatement of the year. Unlike other shoots, golf is particularly difficult because of the nature of the game and location. Golf courses have a constant flow of players, day in and day out. Finding a perfect window to shoot is extremely difficult. You can't just go to a course and say: "We'd like a 3:30 tee time and shoot at the 16th hole." First, a 3:30 tee time means you start at 3:30. It also means you start at hole one, not the hole of your choosing. Second, you may not get to the hole you'd like until several hours later. Which means, if hole 16 is the THE hole, you may not show up until three hours after your scheduled tee time. We had a 3:00 tee time on a partly cloudy day. That meant we had to find holes that we could get to right from the start and thus take advantage of optimum light.
Kevin was our golfer for the shoot. During our first shot of the day, he nails it. Ball on green! It was a beautiful thing to see. We managed to get all of our tee box shots finished before the clouds rolled in. It would have been nice to shoot some putting shots, but I think we got everything we needed.
I'm also glad we shot when we did. The fall colors peaked last week. Any further delay and I think we would have missed our window of opportunity.
The golf course was great to work with. We finished the entire shoot in two and a half hours. Nothing fancy, just down and dirty filmmaking. But the shoot went better than expected. And what a way to spend an afternoon: mountains, lenses, fresh air, Total Consciousness...Gunga Galunga!
Tomorrow...horseback riding!

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