Friday, May 25, 2007

Second Shoot

I should first apologize for the last posting. It was pathetic to say the least. Today we shot bowling. A relatively simple subject, I admit, but challenging nonetheless. How do you make bowling interesting to the viewer? That was the biggest challenge. I think we were successful, even though the lighting could have been a little better. Several of the more complex steadicam shots were abandoned in order to move the production along. I'd originally intended to get some tracking shots of the bowling ball as it glided down the lane. That ended up getting shelved.

We shot at the University of Utah's Student Union. Once again, they were very accommodating. Our talent: Todd and Scott were also very accommodating and did a fantastic job. Todd accidentally showed up with a Simpsons shirt, which we had to cover for copyright reasons. Todd also had to leave early so we finished all of his shots first. Scott waited patiently.

The Union gave us five lanes and we ended up having the entire alley to ourselves. It was an ideal location, despite the fact that it was very inaccessible. Luckily Melissa and Tanja were there to help.

Next week, we're heading down to Moab to shoot the river rafting sequence.

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