Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let There Be Sound!

Steve Floyd stopped by this evening to put the finishing touches on the sound mix. Whenever you prep audio for a film, it's important to listen through speakers and not headphones. The reasoning behind this is simple: An audience isn't going to be watching your film and listening through a headset. Sound is just as important as vision. Most filmmakers focus all of their efforts on the visual and not the auditory. This is a huge mistake. Audio is the finishing touch that produces that thump and vibration throughout the viewer's body. It's essential to any good production.

Now that color correction and audio is complete, our film is essentially finished. Ready to "go to press".

To Be Continued...

1 comment:

Peter B. Hemingway said...

I am excited for the finished product! Good to see Steve is still doing the sound gig. I know it will look great when finished. Wonderful Job Stan!