Monday, September 21, 2009

True Colors Shining Through

It's 3:55 a.m. Just two days away from the local premiere of "Continue". Jeff and I have just finished color correcting and adjusting the black and white levels. These corrections are being made specifically for projection. Another series of color and brightness/contrast corrections will need to be made for the DVD and online release.

We've set up a projector and screen at my pad to monitor the color correction. Since we're adjusting for projection, it makes sense that we'd monitor via projection.

Later this evening, we will be working on the final sound mix with Stevie Floyd. This is to ensure the most dynamic presentation of our film's soundtrack. All of these minor adjustments may seem like overkill. But I think they're critical to the overall success of our screening. Correct color balance and contrast is essential to any quality production. Using the waveform monitor, we are able to adjust the contrast (hi's and lows).

So, no sleep until Thursday.

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