Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Disappearing Act

Ladies and gentlemen. What you are about to read will both alarm, astound and confound! In a matter of minutes, your humble narrator will perform the most daring act of vanishing ever seen by human eyes. But fear not, as this act will only be temporary and your narrator will return. Completely unharmed and ready for the next big show.

I say this jokingly, but the truth of the matter is this: I'm now dedicating all of my free time to post-production (editing, sound coordination, color correction, music acquisition) as well as the remaining shoots. By doing this, I realize I'm taking on the risk of alienating friends and family. That certainly is not my intention. I love all y'all. I just have to focus and complete this seven year journey. This will require all of my free hours and 15-year-old-Chinese-Gymnast-like dedication.

Yes, I'm sure I'll get the classic response: "Clawson, you 'ol so and so, you have to MAKE time for yourself!" Well, maybe that's true. But I also have to MAKE time to get this project finished AND turned in to the Paralyzed Veterans of America by November 30th. That's now a mere 96 days from today. Add to that the fact that I'm still working full time at Instructional Media Services, AND teaching a video production course to boot.

So, the purpose of this blog entry is not to be a jerk. But if I end up coming across as a Jerk, I hope you will see that this video IS my "Special Purpose**". No, but seriously...the point of this blog is to give my friends and family a heads up. I'm going to be dropping off the face of this big blue ball for the next three months.

Am I thrilled about doing this? I wouldn't say that "thrilled" is the right word. I certainly wish I could have more time to play. But I am excited about this project and its potential to inform people. And I want to do everything I can to make it worth watching.

That said, please understand that I mean no harm when I say "no" to invites. I promise I will make it up to everyone after November 30th. I'm thinking of holding a giant "Love-in". Complete with scented candles, satin sheets and Isaac Hayes music.

And now... time to edit.

** This is a reference from "The Jerk", a fantastic motion picture comedy starring Steve Martin.

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Gustogirl said...

Good luck with all the work you have ahead of you. Especially while juggling your "day jobs". I