Monday, February 25, 2008

Rejected Activities

As with every project, difficult choices must be made. "Should we keep Pitt or should we focus our finances on the set design and opt instead for Busey?" A lot of people have approached me inquiring as to whether or not we would include many of their favorite sports in our project: crew, fencing, table tennis, etc. Unfortunately, we can't fit every adaptive activity imaginable. And believe me when I say there are many that I would love to keep in the picture. Unfortunately, due to a lack of time and money, many of our original choices had to go. Before we roll cameras again this Thursday, I thought I'd share a few of the activities that will NOT be included in our production:

1. Hop Scotch
2. Indian Leg Wrestling
3. Pogo Stick Endurance Run
4. Mechanical Bull Riding
5. Badminton
7. Chess
8. Connect Four
9. Thin Ice Speed Skating
10. Couples Quadriplegic Figure Skating
11. Shot Put
13. Long Jump
14. Inter-gender Wrestling (Classic and Mud)
15. Kite Flying
16. Jump Rope
17. Sumo Wresting
18. Belittling
19. Condescension Suspension
20. Power-lifting
21. Base Jumping
22. Freebasing
23. Baseball
24. Softball
25. Hardball with Chris Matthews
26. Pie Eating
27. Pole-vaulting
28. Pole-dancing
29. Hang-gliding
30. Para-gliding
31. Quad-gliding
32. Staring Competition
33. Eating Competition
34. Fencing
35. Inner Tubing
36. Javelin
37. Football
38. Juggling
39. Balance Beam
40. Distance Cathing

I'm sure there are many more activities that we could have included in our production. What we did choose were familiar activities that we felt could be accessed by individuals, post-spinal cord injury. This video is meant to be an introduction to a wide variety of activities. A sampling of what we feel are the best-of-the-best in recreation. We chose to avoid activities that were too "specialized" in favor of activities that were more readily available. While our choices will no doubt exclude some sports (ex: softball, fencing) it will also feature many other activities that we hope will excite people into recreating. At any level of play.

Hopefully, this project will pave the way for many other projects that showcase the activities not included in our video. So, everyone will have to sit back and patiently wait, until we can get the funding to film adaptive pole-dancing. Hey, it could happen. WILL happen!


The Maag Family said...

Adaptive pole-dancing...that sounds like something up my alley...

Gustogirl said...

I think this project you're doing is amazing and will be an inspiration to many. Some of the things on your list made me laugh. Good luck on the Thurs. shoot!