Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy New Year!

My primary new year's resolution for 2008 is to finish this project. We've been working on it for nearly six years now, which is a little frustrating, given the fact that we've only shot six activities thus far. Fear not though, for the production will come to an end this year.


This Saturday, we will shoot our "Self Defense" sequence. I've called it "Martial Arts", but I think "Self Defense" is a more appropriate title. Erik Kondo and his sparring partner, Bob, are flying into town this Thursday. On Friday they will be giving a demonstration for the TRAILS program, an event that was set up in conjunction with our shoot.

Here are two additional clips of Erik in action.



Tomorrow, I'm meeting with Kristina, our lighting technician, to discuss last-minute details. This will be the most equipment intensive of all the shoots, so everything has to be carefully coordinated. I really think the end result will be interesting. I hope it is.

On the 22nd, we're gearing up for our basketball shoot. That will be a technically difficult shoot from a filming standpoint. I'm currently working on ideas for camera placement as well as coordinating with our local wheelchair basketball team. We have a few locations narrowed down, but nothing finalized. One location is the Marv Jensen Athletic Center in South Jordan. It's a small court, but it has decent lighting.

I've been focusing a lot of energy and time on the "Self Defense" sequence and now I'm diverting all of my focus into our "Basketball" shoot.

There's a lot to be done between now and the 22nd, so back to work.


The Maag Family said...

That is so freaking amazing! Way to go! I seriously cannot wait until this project is completed because it's going to be FABULOUS!!!!!!!

Gustogirl said...

Keep it up! This project sounds like it has taken a long time and you have put so much work into it. I am sure it is going to turn out fabulous!