Sunday, September 16, 2007

Today's Shoot Cancelled!

Alright, I have to admit that Thanksgiving Point is not the most ideal location for our golfing sequence. I had reservations about the course, but thought we might be alright. During my conversation with Jeff, it hit me. Like bolt of lighting. TG is not the place and I certainly don't want to settle. If we're spending the time to capture high quality video, our locations should be the cream of the crop. Here are some examples of why the course (although well kept) isn't very ideal for our shoot.
Sure, the green is nice, but check out the horizon.
Power lines, dead brush, sorry Thanksgiving Point, your horizon doesn't match the beauty of your fairways.
Development Hell.

So, now we're looking at other courses. Better locations to shoot the golf sequence. We're in Utah, there has to be a more beautiful alternative.


Gustogirl said...

Good luck with the search for a better location. Are you reading this comments? "Am I buff?"

Spinal Cracker said...

Of course I'm reading them. They're great!