Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Production Update: Rolling On A River Pt. 2

Day two of our adventure was just as exciting, if not more so. Today we made every attempt to minimize the wait, while the production crew set up shots. Rocky Rapids was the most elaborate setup of the enitre shoot.

By day's end, the participants, SPLORE crew and production crew were spent. We wrapped production shortly after Whites Rapid. I'm sure I could have kept going, but it was important to avoid overworking the cast and crew. I was extremely pleased with the shoot and hopefully everyone else felt/feels the same.

Production is a very time consuming process. I think a lot of people witnessed that firsthand. I'm extremely thankful to all of the participants for their patience and hard work. It takes a lot to look good on camera, especially when you're exhausted. They met the challenge and exceeded my expectations. The SPLORE staff was also very helpful. We certainly couldn't have pulled this off without their patience and expertise.

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